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Lauren Vickers is the most famous grid girl of the Grand Circus. She is an Australian girl who has captured the world and, by the way, the heart of thousands of people all around the globe. She reached the honor to be the 2010 Playmate of Italian Playboy or the 2009 Best Model of Australia, but she isn’t just a pretty face, there is too much to discover about Lauren Vickers. We chatted with her and this is what we got.


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As long as we know you are a motorsports lover since you are very young, is that true? When did you start loving cars and motorbikes?
I always loved cars and motorbikes when I was younger, but no one else in my family had the same passion.  I used to watch Top Gear when I was still in school and dreamed of racing super cars around circuits for fun.  I started working in motorsport at about 18 and bought my first motorbike the same year, and it developed into an obsession after that, hehe.


The Monster Girls Search 2012 (Europe and Africa) has crowned its winners and now it’s time to share the behind the scenes film of their smokin’ 2012 calendar shoot.
Seriously, sit yourself somewhere steady and be prepared for a line up that will blow your mind. The calendar will drop anytime now and will be available at events through Europe next year.

This is definitely one of the sexiest edits we’ve had the pleasure of creating. After the success of the Monster Girl Search across Europe and Africa, you, the public have given us these super sexy, super bad ass ladies.

Throughout next year you’ll start recognising the
ir faces as we take them to some of the coolest events in all our sports disciplines!