#RTM – Lauren Vickers, the Grand Circus Queen

Posted on March 4th, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Lauren Vickers is the most famous grid girl of the Grand Circus. She is an Australian girl who has captured the world and, by the way, the heart of thousands of people all around the globe. She reached the honor to be the 2010 Playmate of Italian Playboy or the 2009 Best Model of Australia, but she isn’t just a pretty face, there is too much to discover about Lauren Vickers. We chatted with her and this is what we got.


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As long as we know you are a motorsports lover since you are very young, is that true? When did you start loving cars and motorbikes?
I always loved cars and motorbikes when I was younger, but no one else in my family had the same passion.  I used to watch Top Gear when I was still in school and dreamed of racing super cars around circuits for fun.  I started working in motorsport at about 18 and bought my first motorbike the same year, and it developed into an obsession after that, hehe.

But you aren’t just a motorbike lover, you have had a few road bikes, isn’t it? Which ones?
In Australia you need to start small when you’re learning, so my first bike was a Honda CBR250RR, after that I was still restricted, but I upgraded to an RVF400 and started doing track days, and then when I got my full license I had a beautiful Yamaha R6.

Let’s talk about your work. When did you arrive to the Grand Circus?
I first worked at Phillip Island in 2008, as a grid girl for the JiR Scot Team, when Dovioso was the rider.  I made some contacts in the paddock as I was about to go travelling around the world and then worked about 4 races the following year for the Hayate and LCR Teams. Then I was lucky enough to convince Lucio Cechinello to give me a one year contract to help promote them and change the way a grid girl represents the team.

Everyone knows that you work as grid girl and paddock girl but, do you do any other work not so visual in MotoGP?
Most of my career has been modeling, I started 14 years ago when I was 11!  But I have also managed bars and nightclubs and was a legal secretary. I usually write my own contracts but I have a lot of experience with Media and PR. I think that will eventually be my focus when I retire from modeling. For now, I love planning the creatives behind marketing campaigns and photoshoots. You can check out some of my ideas right now on the Best of Grid Girls Feature  on that I developed with the guys from Dorna.

We have lots of readers from Indonesia. There are lots of MotoGP lovers in Indonesia and you are very famous in there. Have you ever been in Indonesia?
The fans in Indonesia are extremely passionate about MotoGP!  A big part of the traffic to my website and my Twitter and Facebook followers are from Indonesia – and they are always so sweet and courteous.  I have never been but I would absolutely love to go!!  Not just to Bali, but to go to less touristic places too.