#RTM – Jorge Lorenzo: «I’d love to sponsor an Indonesian rider one day»

Posted on March 4th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Jorge Lorenzo knows Ride Through Magazine since its beginning. He was the first rider who brought us his support posing in a photo with a RTM poster. Some days ago we saw Jorge and chatted with him about the beginning of the new season and how he sees it. Also, he told us interesting things as he would love to sponsor an Indonesian rider one day.

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The 2012 season will be very different because of the increase in the displacement of the MotoGP engines (from 800cc to 1000cc). How do you see it? It will be better or could be worse?
I think the MotoGP bikes could be more equals and maybe the races will be more spectacular. The negative part is the speed the bikes will reach. I think it’s not necessary for a good show; the beautiful thing in the races is the overtaking and the fight for the victory, independently of the speed of the bikes.

How do you see your bike compared to the others? Do you think it could be the next world champion MotoGP bike?
We tried a lot of things in Sepang and reached major improvements, but we know where we have to improve in the future. The electronics are not perfect yet, we still need to make it smoother but the bike has so much potential, we are very optimistic. The Yamaha engineers have worked really hard so they have done a good job.

Our Magazine has lots of readers from Indonesia, a country in which you have lots of fans, and we know that you often go there. Tell us why you like so much Indonesia.
Indonesians are extremely nice people and there is a huge amount of MotoGP fans, so I’m like at home there. Also, the weather is great and there are a lot of places in the country which are real paradises!

As you said, in Indonesia there is a great love for motorbikes and also for racing. Do you think that we will see one day an Indonesian rider racing in the World Championship?
Indonesia is a country without a long tradition in the motorbike racing. At least, not like the tradition that you can find in Spain or Italy. Because of that, there isn’t right now Indonesian riders in the World Championship, but I’m sure they will arrive soon, and I think that it would be great.
I love Indonesia, so one day I’d like to sponsor an Indonesian rider.