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Madonna di Campiglio’s frozen lake once again provided the perfect stage for a spectacular finish to the Wrooom Press Ski Meeting. Valentino Rossi, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Giancarlo Fisichella and Marc Genè were the stars of the kart and Fiat 500 races that wowed the large crowd that had gathered to greet the Ducati riders and Ferrari drivers. Nicky Hayden, still recovering from an injury, voluntarily gave up his driver’s seat to “Uccio” Salucci, Valentino’s friend and collaborator. Valentino won the kart race and finished second in the car race, behind Felipe Massa and ahead of Fernando Alonso.
“It was really fantastic,” Valentino said afterward. “I practice a lot with karts in the summer, and it was great to drive on the ice, especially because it was much colder this time than it was last year, so the track held up well. Felipe (Massa) was faster than I was, but anyway, it was a great night. I enjoyed myself.”

RIDE THROUGH MAGAZINE – ISSUU’S TOP 1 MAGAZINEThis is just the second issue of RTM and we’ve reached the top one magazine in the Issuu’s most popular magazine chart.

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